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January 31, 2013

Do No Harm Episode 1

Actually, "Do No Harm" does its share of borrowing beyond just Robert Louis Stevenson's original tale and the Hippocratic oath. Some of the wrinkles -- like the two personalities using taped messages to communicate with each other -- previously arose in "Jekyll," a more satisfying 2007 series that aired stateside on BBC America.

Here, the title pun flows from the plight of Dr. Jason Cole ("Rescue Me's" Steven Pasquale), a brilliant neurosurgeon hiding a dark secret: He suffers from dissociative identity disorder, the same split-personality condition used to comedic effect in "United States of Tara," using an elaborate drug cocktail to keep his alter, Ian, in check.

As the story begins, though, Ian has developed an apparent immunity to the formula, and starts poking out his hedonistic head. This especially complicates Jason's budding romance with a fellow doctor ("Law & Order's" Alana De La Garza), to whom Ian leers, "I like you, don't I?"

Created by David Schulner, the series has done itself a disservice by hewing away from the fantastic and toward the mundane. Mr. Hyde, after all, was the personification of evil -- the good Dr. Jekyll's bad side torn from him. Here, Ian is nasty, yes -- he likes to fight, have sex, take drugs and lavishly spend money -- but a deeper probing of human nature is sacrificed.

Like all actors, Pasquale has a ball with the double role, and the writers do get mileage out of the quick-change situations, leaving either Jason or Ian to instantly sort out the dilemma he faces.

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