SMBMSP 17 - Post Event Conversation

August 4, 2009

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Tags: albert maruggi, brad bellaver, bryan person, graeme thickins, midwest, minneapolis, minnesota, phil wilson, podcast, rick mahn, smbmsp, social media, st paul, steve borsch, tim elliot

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After our SMB here in the twin towns of Minneapolis & St. Paul, a few of the local social media podcasters had a chance to talk about the social media scene here in MSP, and some thoughts on social media as well.

Quickly, the discussion turned into how a tech fest with no less than 4 mobile recording devices appearing to capture the conversation.  So enjoy this impromptu podcast recorded live on historic Main Street Minneapolis on the shores of the Mississippi River.

In this converstation are Graeme Thickins, Steve Borsch, Bryan Person, Rick Mahn, Albert Maruggi, Tim Elliot, Brad Bellaver and Phil Wilson.  You can also see a QIK video of part of the conversation here:

SMBMSP 17 - Social Media & Non Profits

July 27, 2009

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Tags: breakfast, discussion, event, minneapolis, minnesota, non profit, panel, smbmsp, social media, st paul

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At the upcomming Social Media Breakfast - Twin Cities #17, we're talking with a number of Minnesota Non-Profit organizations and how they use social media to promote their cause.

On this podcast, recorded a week and a half before the breakfast, we have the following folks:

Also, hosts Rick Mahn and Brad Bellaver of BellaMedia (our producer - Thanks!), are on this show.

Meg Canada, Sarah Burt, Lindsi Gish, Dania Toscano Miwa, Ashley Schweitzer, Diane Tran. Brad Bellaver, Rick Mahn and Mykl Roventine are on hand as well.

SMBMSP 16 - Big Top Social Media

June 23, 2009

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Tags: advertising, bellamedia, brad bellaver, breakfast, deluxe corp, digital life, event, marketing, meetup, minneapolis, minnesota, partnerup, rick mahn, social media, st paul, steve borsch, tim brunelle

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Event Info:



Podcast producer:



Deluxe Corporation

Post SMBMSP 15 Wrapup

May 28, 2009

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Tags: breakfast, bryanperson, christopherlower, concordia, event, gregswan, minneapolis, rickmahn, socialmedia, stpaul

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While we had everyone together yet, we decided to record a wrapup after SMB Twin Cities 15.  On this abriviated show, we have Greg Swan (@PerfectPorridge), Christopher Lower (@MrChristopherL), Bryan Person (@BryanPerson), and Rick Mahn (@RickMahn).

We covered a few more examples of online reputation management, along with some fun conversation.

Also, thank you to Brad Bellaver (@BradBellaver) of BellaMedia for producing the show.

Thanks everyone!

SMBMSP 15 - Online Reputation Management

May 13, 2009

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Tags: bradbellaver, breakfast, gregswan, minneapolis, minnesota, reputation, rickmahn, smbmsp, socialmedia, stpaul

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In our third podcast, we talk with Greg Swan of Weber Shandwick (Minneapolis) about online reputation management.� Greg, along with Christopher Lower of Sterling Cross Communications, will be presenting on this topic at the Social Media Breakfast - Twin Cities #15 on May 22nd, 2009.


You can RSVP for the breakfast at

Show Notes:

4:30 Dominos and "Motrin Moms"
7:15 Snake head salad - yum!
10:00 What worse, the problem or the reaction to it?
14:50 Dell example of reputation management
17:20 F Apple!
20:00 User reviews and reputation
24:00 Main benefit of Greg's presentation at the event
26:30 Online monitoring tools
27:50 There WILL be bacon!
29:00 Thanks/wrap-up

SMBMSP 14 - Personal Branding & Twitter Analytics

April 15, 2009

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Genre: Podcast

Tags: personalbranding, smbmsp, twitter

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In episode 2 of SMB Twin Cities Podcast, we talk about Personal Branding, Twitter analytics, and Social Media Clients.

Hosts Rick Mahn & Brad Bellaver with guests Mykl Roventine & Scott Pete

00:00 Welcome - Event Information
01:00 - Personal Branding with Mykl
03:10 - Chris Brogan vs. Dan Schawbel
07:50 - Do I need a brand?
09:30 - Takeaways from the branding presentation (There will be photos.)
11:45 - Twitter Analytics with Scott
18:45 - Can branding go "offline?"
21:50 - More Twitter talk
22:30 - Fallon and Skimmer
27:10 - Does anyone really need social media websites or should we just aggregate?
29:00 - Can Twitter produce ROI and is it even still worthwhile?
31:00 - April event info
31:40 - Credits

SMBMSP 13 - Community Managers & Social Media

March 20, 2009

MP3 Audio: SMBMSP 13 (4.91mb) Download

By: Brad Bellaver, Rick Mahn visit website

Genre: Community Event, Social Media

Tags: event, inaugural, media, podcast, smbmsp

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Yep, you heard right, this is the inaugural SMBMSP podcast. We'll be working on the format and content for the next event, but this first one was as much to see how it'd work as it was for fun. Many, many thanks to Brad Bellaver for his patience and diligence in creating this podcast. He's a true pro.


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