Strongest Pheromones

May 5, 2012

Pheromones are chemical compounds that the body creates in order to attract members of the opposite sex. Pheromones are not only found in the bodies of humans, but nearly every other animal on the planet creates some form of pheromones for different uses. Snakes use their pheromones for hunting prey, while mice use theirs to attract mice of the opposite sex during mating season. Human pheromones are all about attraction, but there are a few of the strongest pheromones that are guaranteed to have a greater effect.

Androsterone is one of the strongest pheromones, and it is only produced by humans. Androsterone is produced by men that are more “manly”, and it signals to the women around them that they are the dominant males. The pheromones project an aura of reliability, safety, and protection that most women naturally look for in men, thus making them more attractive as potential mates. Androsterone helps to increase the natural respect women feel for men, but with none of the aggression for which androstenone, another of the strongest pheromones, is known. Androsterone can be worn by women, though the effects of the pheromone are not as strong when women wear it. Men will usually experience an elevated mood when detecting this pheromone on a woman. Androsterone is usually mixed with other pheromones in order to enhance the effectiveness of the other chemicals, as it acts as a subtle boost to the other pheromones that will make them and it more effective. There are no effects resulting from too much androsterone, making it one of the best and strongest pheromones.

Why Some Pheromones Don't Work

Pheromones are popular, but you should not rush to use them the moment you see them advertised. While they can provide you with an amazing solution when it comes to your social life, they will not cause every single woman to become attracted to you. The question you might have here is why, and we will address that first.

The Innovation of Logic in the Human Race

What is logic? Logic is the one thing that seems to set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. Logic and reasoning give us a clear edge, thought it often gets in the way of reproduction. While pheromones might work for the short term, we have too much of a tendency to look at things logically and make rational decisions. That being the case, it is no surprise that we are able to walk away from relationships that are biologically sound.

Pheromone Mistakes

Aside from the obvious, there are some rather nasty mistakes that you can make with pheromones. If you have made any of these, don’t despair, you really are not alone:

Attracting the One -- There might be one specific girl that you have set your sights on, and you may think that pheromones are going to help. The truth is that they might help a little, but they are not a love potion by any stretch of the imagination. As a matter of fact, pheromones work in tandem with other traits. For example, how do you feel about yourself? Are you self conscious? do you have doubts? Women can detect these things, and no matter how many pheromones you use, they will not cover up your lack of self confidence. In addition to that, people who have already formed an opinion of you will not be easily affected by pheromones.

Covering the Scent -- Let’s be frank: pheromones do not smell very good, and this is not a huge secret. When you are making use of pheromones it would be in your best interest to choose a cologne or perfume to use as a cover scent. Because human beings have an excellent sense of smell they will either be repulsed, or they will realize precisely what you are trying to do.

Failing to do Research -- There are more than the fair share of scams out there, and this is no exaggeration. The idea behind these sites is to sell you a $100-$200 bottle of fake pheromones that they have produced for about $.80, and then hope that you will not take the time to return it. It could be that you are too lazy to make the return, or that you are too busy hoping it will work.

Letting Personal Hygiene Slip -- Pheromones can help you to become attractive, but like we said before, this is not the wild. If you have bad personal hygiene or simply an unattractive personality, you cannot expect anyone to fall for you. Remember, confidence is everything! That and a good haircut.


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