Belgravia Villas Cluster House

June 14, 2013

Belgravia Villas Cluster House

Belgravia Villas is a new freehold cluster house development. Located at Stratton Road, off Seletar Road, it is nestled in the private landed housing cluster of Yio Chu Kang.

This development consists of 118 cluster house units, including 100 units of terrace house and 18 exclusive units of semi-detached house. As it is a strata-titled development, Belgravia Villas Cluster House offers condominium style facilities such as 5 swimming pools, garden landscaping, and outdoor fitness station.

Why buy Belgravia Villas?
Unique landed style living

Belgravia Villas is a cluster house development, which is a very rare type of strata-titled housing in Singapore. It offers landed style living, in individual houses, but the houses share the land area, and share communal facilities.

As such, cluster housing offers the best of both worlds. Belgravia Villas Cluster House provides the exclusive lifestyle of landed living, yet providing the convenience of shared facilities and communal living. It is the ideal property for families looking for privacy and exclusivity, and yet not losing the human touch and neighbourly camaraderie.

Belgravia Villas is located at the Yio Chu Kang private landed district, which is considered as one of the most prime and exclusive landed property estate in Singapore. As such, Belgravia Villas enjoys being in one of the most sought after address in Singapore.

It is also located near Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, which provides easy access to public transport. As such, residents in Belgravia Villas can enjoy convenience whether they drive, or use public transport.

Therefore, this development is the happy combination of both exclusiveness and convenience. Most landed property estates are far from the main road, and access to home requires a long drive through the estate. It is very rare that a property like Belgravia Villas can provide both convenience to public transport, while living in a prime residential site.

Freehold Property
Freehold property is becoming increasingly hard to find in Singapore. Freehold cluster house development are so sought after and in demand, that units are snapped up as soon as they are on the market.

Buyers of cluster house developments are indeed savvy buyers, as the prices of cluster houses have always been increasing.  For cluster house that is freehold, the supply is so limited that there are usually no one selling their house. Buying a freehold cluster house may indeed be a challenge.

Therefore, Belgravia Villas boasts of a being in a famous residential district, being in close proximity to main roads with public transport, and having comprehensive condominium-style facilities. Most important of all, this property is freehold, which is extremely rare in Singapore.

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