Your content is accessible to a wide array of applications, devices and websites.

Wide reach

Big Contact is a unique publishing platform making your media available through multiple distribution methods. This allows your media to spread far and wide while still a) letting you control the content and b) measuring where your content has spread and the contact it has made.

Big Contact gives you the freedom to publish your media channels in multiple places using multiple methods. It gives your audience the freedom to consume your content in a multitude of popular ways that fit their habits best. It also allows the efforts of others to help spread your channel even farther.

And these various methods can add up quick helping you make big contact.

Make Contact Via Your Online Network

  • Via your Big Contact Feed Players
  • Via your Big Contact media websites
  • Via your existing websites
  • Via your social networks, community sites and other websites
  • Via BigContact.com

Make Contact Via Mobile Devices & More

  • Via media players like Apple's iPods, Sony's PSP, Sandisk's players and many others
  • Via media-aware cell phones & smart phones
  • Via personal digital assistants (PDAs)
  • Even via living room tv sets! with Windows Media Center, Apple's "iTV" (coming eary 2007), and more

Make Contact Via Your Podcasts & News Feeds

  • Via your "All Cast" Audio, Video & News Feed
  • Via your Video Podcast (mp4)
  • Via your Flash Video Flv Cast
  • Via your Cell Phone Video Cast (3gp)
  • Via your Full-size Video Cast (640x480 mp4)
  • Via your Audio Podcast (mp3)
  • Via your Cell Phone Audio Cast (3gp)

Make Contact Via The Help of Others

  • Via viral Feed Players
  • Via social networks: MySpace, FaceBook, Friendster & more
  • Via web directories: Yahoo! Podcasts, Yahoo! Video, Google Reader, Google Base, Mefeedia, Odeo & many more
  • Via search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Lycos & many more
  • Via desktop applications: Apple's iTunes, FeedDemon, Juice, FireAnt, NewsGator, NetNewsWire, Straw & many more

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