Or maybe you want your own online music magazine? Big Contact provides professional tools to promote music.

Created by Musicians

Big Contact was created by musicians. While anyone can publish their media on the Big Contact platform, there are special features musicians, labels and others will find useful in the promotion of music.

Musicians and Labels
Already Have MP3s on Your Site? Stream Them

Many musicians and labels already have music files on their website for promotion. But most visitors find it difficult to listen to raw mp3 links. But with some simple copy/pasting you can have your own audio Feed Player streaming as many tracks as you like on your websites super quick.

And it's viral which means you and your fans can post the player around the web promoting your band. It can be placed on your existing website, your MySpace profiles and other social networks, music forums etc.

Get A Podcast, MP3 Blog & RSS News Feed To Boot

By doing this you automatically create your own podcast, mp3 blog and RSS news feed. You have complete control over your mp3 blog. Customize it to look exactly like your existing band site if you like. Some use it exclsuively as their official band site. The Relay Suite can put your full channel on if you like.

You Control Your Audio

And the mp3s stay in your control. Unlike some places, you do not hand over rights to Big Contact so that we can sell access to your content to cell phone companies or other companies without being required to give you a cut. Nothing like that happens here because your media stays in your possession.

Give Your Audience The Info They Need

When you publish your music on Big Contact we also give you more options to tell people about your album, cover art, where to buy it, your label, your links and more.

Want To Publish Video Too?

Your channel has all the video distribution tools any other Big Contact channel has.

Are You MP3 Blogger or Music Podcaster?

The same tools that make publishing easy for musicians and labels also work great for mp3 bloggers, music podcasters and music magazines.

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