Host your media anywhere: on your existing websites or with any web host you like.

Audio & Video

It's your media. You control it.

Big Contact does not host audio and video files. You can host your media anywhere you like: with your current website host, Amazon's S3 "pay-as-you-go" hosting or the many web hosting services out there. The only requirement is that they allow direct linking. This means that they allow a link that goes directly to the audio or video file you uploaded, not a web page or some other means to prevent other applications from using that file.

Unlike some services that trade the rights of your media for free hosting, require intrusive ads or narrowly define the type of content they allow on their service Big Contact allows you COMPLETE control of your media. Because YOU host it.

Be free and host where you want. The hosting industry offers options for just about every price point. And new deals will always come from the hosting marketplace faster than any one company can match.

This approach lets us focus on the distribution tools that get your media out there. It means we can offer some services for free that don't require your audience to come back to a banner ad-laden website. This means your media is untethered. It is free to move around the web - and off the web onto mobile devices, living rooms & more.

If you don't currently have a website to host your media and/or your Relay Suites the following is provided as a courtesy for your consideration:

Pay-As-You-Go Media Hosting

We're a fan of Amazon's S3, an inexpensive, scalable, simple, pay-as-you-go hosting service for your audio, video or image media files. View their pricing at the link above. You can even use your existing Amazon account.

This is not your typical hosting service. You do not host your Relay Suite or other web pages here. You host your media here. And you do not use a standard FTP application to upload or delete your files. There are applications that can be used however:

How to upload and manage your files? New offerings are constantly changing. View this Google search for "Amazon S3 Clients".

Shared & Dedicated Hosting

Shared means your files reside on a server with other websites. Dedicated means the server is all yours. Shared hosting can start out as little as $6/mo or so and goes up for better performance. You can use these types of hosts for your audio and video files that Feed Players and your media website play. They (and most other traditional website hosts) can also run Big Contact's Relay Suite. Go for the linux and php-enabled servers.

This article recommends these inexpensive ($7 to $8 a month) hosts for streaming media: (read article for more info)

Content Delivery Network

Unlike some hosts which host your media on a single server somewhere, a content delivery network is a network of servers around the globe. When your audience requests media on such a network s/he will get the media from the server that is nearest/quickest to her or him.

Free Media Hosting

These hosts want your media - not your website. If they allow direct linking to media that you upload then you can use these to host your audio and video files which Feed Players and your Big Contact media website play & which allows folks to download via your podcasts. But you can't run Relay Suites on these hosts: media only. PLEASE NOTE: Their policies for direct linking to their media may change. Ask them about direct linking before going this route. For this reason these types of services are usually not recommended.

* Info provided as a courtesy. Check sites for latest info.

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