Customized video Feed Player + title/end videos

Custom Video Package
  • Custom viral video Feed Player
  • Professional custom design sets you apart
  • Strong branding links back to your site
  • 640x480 and 320x240 (or 16:9 format) Avi and Quicktime video files
  • Apple® Motion video source files
  • Hi-res Wav and Aif audio file
  • 5 sec intro, 3 sec outro
See Examples Below

  • Feed Player FV
    Custom Feed Players

    Custom viral media players play your Flash Flv videos, Mp3s & text news. Feed Players lets viewers subscribe to your podcast.

  • Custom Audio
    Intro/Outro Audio

    This audio is incorporated into your videos. Add it to your audio podcasts as well.

  • Videos
    Title/End Videos

    Put at the start & end of your video episodes to brand your content no matter where it is distributed.

  • Stats

    See how much contact your content has made via its viral spread.


Below are demos of customized Feed Players w/ custom video intro/outros. Click to view the title and end videos.

1191ad - Official Assassin's Creed Community


Hellthy Entertainment