What Do You Think When Heard of Spiral Oil Press?

October 18, 2012

Oil is extracted from a number of fruits, nuts and seeds for use in cooking and soap creating or as an ingredient in other foods such as baked or fried goods. Oil is really a beneficial item with universal demand, and also the feasible earnings from oil extraction is consequently frequently enough to justify the relatively higher price of setting up and running a small scale oil milling business.

Spiral oil pressPretreating raw material

Oilseeds and nuts ought to be correctly dried prior to storage, and cleaned to eliminate sand, dust, leaves and other contaminants. Fruits ought to be harvested when totally ripe, cleaned and handled meticulously to cut back bruising and splitting. Foreign material needs to become eliminated. Moldy nuts which can cause aflatoxin poisoning needs to be taken care. You need to prepare a place which is weatherproof, ventilated to protect the materials against birds, insects and rodents. Some raw materials (for instance groundnuts, sunflower seeds) require dehusking (or decorticating). Small oil press machines are available to provide greater production rates than manual dehusking

Extraction methds

Solvent extraction, hot processing or cold processing would be the three common techniques of removing oil from the raw materials. Solvent extraction is not appropriate for small-scale processing because of higher capital and operating expenses, the risk of fire and explosions from solvents and also the complexity from the procedure. Equipment for hot or cold processing is accessible at different scales of operation from household to industrial scale. Conventional techniques of extraction are described below, followed by greater output manual machines and mechanized extraction.

The oil expeller With Electrical Heater

Both YZS series and YZL series are made to this model. It consists of electrical heating pipe and manage cabinet. The power of heating pipe is 1.5kw Usually, when press the oilseeds, the oil press require be grinded first utilizing raw material, to be able to make the pressing temperature of chamber reach 80-120 degree. And also you can get oil. If there's no heater, it will take about 30 minutes to make the temperature reach the appointed temperature. But this kind of heated oil press only needs 5 minutes.

This heater helps with growing oil output. Particularly for reduce oil-bearing oilseeds, like soybean, cotton seeds.


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